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Headache Treatment Center

At Sullivan Sinus and Allergy, we offer a variety of ways to treat various headache types and get you back on track 

Headaches of all types can be debilitating causing decline in work function, family time, social outings, and important events. Headaches can start in childhood or adulthood, and even change over a lifetime. It is possible to have more than one type of headache which can lead to mismanagement and continued deficit despite interventions.

When most people think of headache, migraine or tension headaches are usually the first thing that comes to most minds. There is however, various headache types and people can have more than one type. These can include migraine with or without aura, occipital neuralgia, complex hemiplegic migraine, cluster headaches, tension headaches, post-concussive, exercise induced headaches, optical migraines, vestibular migraine, and the list goes on.

Headache Treatment Options

There are a variety of ways to treat the various headache types and get lives back on track.  Many treatment options can be a combination of approaches. The goal is to ensure that the treatment matches the desires of the sufferer.  A variety of medications are available, including the newer CGRP medications, which have really been a game-changer for those suffering with headaches, with little to no medication side effects or long-term use concerns. Neurotoxins such as Botox work wonders for some chronic headache sufferers. Occipital nerve blocks can be used having low risk and high reward. It is possible to use more holistic and natural routes of controlling headaches, especially in children. Vagus nerve stimulators and oxygen treatments have also shown to have significant benefit in managing cluster headaches. It is important to know that each patient will be assessed as a unique individual and treatment recommendations will also be unique to that person’s headache type(s) and desired treatment options.