Directions to Sullivan Sinus and Allergy in Melbourne

There is only one entrance/exit from the parking lot, and that is from U.S. 1.


There are generally plenty of spots in the front lot. There is an absolutely huge parking lot in the back of the building. 

Note: there are steps in the back of the building so it is not as easily accessible as the front entrance. There are many handicap spots in the front lot and there should always be one available.

Sullivan Sinus and Allergy

Office Location

930S Harbor City Blvd., Suite 200
Melbourne, FL 32901


(321) 674-9094

From U.S. Hwy 1 South

COMING FROM THE SOUTH: Get into the left lane before going through the Nasa Blvd intersection. The entrance into the parking lot is at the north end of the lot.
Coming from the South, there is a tendency to want to turn into the Morgan and Morgan lot, because it looks like it should connect to our parking lot. It does not connect and it is quite a pain to correct this mistake.

From U.S. Hwy 1 North

COMING FROM THE NORTH: Get into the right lane when you see the Gator Jeep dealership. The parking lot entrance is immediately after Enterprise Rent-a-Car. If you wait to see the building from this direction, it may be too late.

Leaving the Building

Going South is easy. Turn right out of the parking lot.
Going North on U.S. 1 – There are two options:  
Option 1:  Wait for traffic to clear from the North side and turn into the middle lane.  Then wait for a break in traffic from the South side before entering US1 Northbound. This can be quite dangerous and should not be done during busy traffic times of day.  
Option 2: Just North of our building on U.S. 1, there is a light at Cherry Street. It is easy to take back roads to get to that light and avoid a mad dash across U.S. 1.
Directions: Go South to Nasa Blvd, turn right on to Nasa, make the first right on Hickory Street and take that up to Cherry St, where you can wait for the light to give you an easy and safe way back on U.S. 1 North.